Established in 1962, Apex Diamond Products manufactures all types of diamond tools, for a wide range of Industries.We specialise in the polishing and shaping of Natural and Synthetic diamonds – working to extremely precise tolerances

Contact lens Tools

KC030LEi (KC0.75mLEiMA)
We make all types of tools using Natural, SCD and MCD diamond, tools are Controlled or Non- Controlled Waviness.

Controlled Waviness Tools

KC020LFCi Conical (KC0.5mLFCi)
Tools are available with either Conical or Cylindrical clearance

Ophthalmic Lens Tools

Apex N2.0ml 27C Ultra

Electro Optical Tools

‘Full and Half Radius tools

Apex is a family owned and run company who has been established for 50 + years, we are now into the families 3rd generation, New tools are manufactured for a very wide range of Industries, If we can be of assistance to you for any New or repair tooling, then please don’t hesitate in contacting us