Apex manufactures all types of Natural, SCD and MCD cutting tools for the ophthalmic lens industry, these tools are used on the latest  lens generating machines which are manufactured in Germany, we can manufacture tools to your requirements including R=2mm/60 window, R=2mm/120 window and R=5mm/42 window  aswell as finishing  tools for VFT Ultra, Orbit, Twin Action and Compact.

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Apex 2MM Radius 60
Finishing Tool N2.0ML 18/60


Apex VFT 2MM Radius
Finish Cut Tool N2.0ML 27C Ultra


Apex 2MM Radius 120
Finishing Tool N2.0ML 18/120


Apex 2MM Radius Tool
Cut Tool N2.0ML 27C Ultra


Apex 5MM Radius 18/42
Finishing Tool N5.0ML 18/42


Apex 2MM Radius
N2.0ML 17Cl (Orbit)