Apex Diamond products Limited is a private family owned and run company who has been established since 1961, Originally Apex manufactured diamond chisels and dressers for the Motor Trade, Thread Grinding and Precision Tool Room……

In the 1970’s Apex became involved with a UK company called Citycrown who manufactured the then, ‘state of the art’ lathe— for contact lens manufacture which really changed the contact lens industry. Apex were involved in supplying the diamond tooling in both natural and synthetic diamond, we were the first company in the UK to manufacture Contact lens Turning tools from Sumitomo single crystal, this material had great success due to it’s consistant performance.
Nowadays, we are one of only a handful of companies worldwide who manufactures Controlled Waviness Turning tools, Our tools are manufactured to the highest standards / tolerances in Natural Diamond, Sumitomo Single Crystal, DeBeers Monocystal and Element Six White Synthetic (MCC)

All diamonds are vacuum brazed in house to inserts or solid shanks of your choice or design……Diamond cutting edges are inspected at 800 X magnification and certificates stating radius size and waviness are available if required.

We manufacture all types of natural and synthetic diamond tools for the Contact Lens, Intra-Ocular Lens, Ophthalmic lens, Electro-Optical and Optical industries, also Fly-cutting and diamond turning tools which give mirror finishes on polygons, hard disks, Flat mirrors on Aluminium, Copper, Nickel, germanium and plastics.